Heavy Equipment for Sale in the Philippines or Software Solutions?

We all know how important construction machines are in completing projects. Without them, it will be definitely harder to accomplish a lot of construction tasks. Even transporting heavy materials and tools in the construction site will be more difficult to do without the use of heavy-duty machines like utility trucks, loaders, cranes, and the like.

Looking for Heavy Equipment for Sale in the Philippines

For construction companies to be considered by their prospective clients, it is really important that they have a wide array of construction machines. When a construction business has its own fleet of heavy-duty equipment, clients get an assurance that the company can deliver the result that they are asking. Startups need not fret if they’ve the necessary funds since looking for affordable but reliable heavy equipment for sale in the Philippines is not really a problem since there are plenty of equipment dealers across the country.

Investing in Construction Software Solutions

However, apart from acquiring heavy-duty equipment, it is also important that construction businesses should invest in construction software solutions. If heavy-duty equipment are important because they help you do the job, a software solution can aid you in managing your whole business. Not just that, it also helps keep accurate records of data that will make it easier for you to monitor your costs and make critical decisions regarding the growth of your company.

If you really want your construction business to succeed, then don’t just focus solely on acquiring heavy equipment every now and then; consider the whole aspect of your company and invest in a reliable construction software solution.

Different Kinds of Construction Software Solutions

In this article, we want to share with you a list of popular construction software solutions that you can consider for your company. This will help you decide which software solution is perfect for your construction business:


Procore is a construction management software application that is cloud-based; it is specifically designed to maximize efficiency in a project, including accountability through mobilizing or streamlining important project documentation and communication. One great thing about Procore is that it allows collaboration between several users working on the same projects. The users can then view important documents, including project schedule and timeline, contracts, RFIs, and a lot more. And since this application is web-based, users can view it whenever and wherever they are.

Jonas Premier Construction Software

This is one of the leading cloud software solutions in the construction industry. It is has been primarily designed to be used by design builders, subcontractors, general contractors, land developers, and homebuilders. The software is affordable and provides a lot of support and training from the developers. It’s also quick to install, and since it is cloud-based, you can have access to it anytime and anywhere. Jonas Premier Construction Software offers plenty of modules including document and subcontract management, accounting and job costing management, and an expense tracker.

Sage 300 Construction Software

This one is a construction management system that is specifically created for general contractors, real estate developers, homebuilders, and residential remodelers. The software provides their users with a lot of functions that include an accounting and cost estimating manager, payroll processor, takeoff and service manager, and even a document management system. Additionally, the software provides several accounting modules that can be used in keeping track of your expenditure and budget.

Vista by Viewpoint Construction Software

Vista by Viewpoint Construction Software is the perfect solution software for general contractors and project owners. It offers finance, project, and operations functionalities including project collaboration and management, service and content management, estimation, and a lot more. Vista by Viewpoint also makes it easier to integrate documents and projects with all collaborators.

Spectrum by Dexter + Chaney

Spectrum by Dexter + Chaney is such a powerful construction solution software because it combines a lot of functionalities in one software system. It offers project, job cost, and account management to users, and since it is cloud-based, it’s also easier to track or obtain vital information about the project right away.

Spectrum by Dexter + Chaney is ideal for general contractors, subcontractors, homebuilders, etc. It allows users to easily monitor their finances, costs, development on the project, and view important documents.

Foundation Construction Accounting Software

This accounting software is absolutely helpful—it helps you track and calculate job cost, cash flows, and even labor cost. Foundation provides users with a lot of job cost reporting formats that can easily provide you with the result that you want to see. Additionally, you can also create your own template for accounting.

With Foundation Construction Accounting Software, it’s much easier to track and monitor expenses. But apart from that, this software can also be used as a project management software and even a scheduling software.

Instead of just being particular with the equipment you are acquiring, it’s definitely time to also invest on a reliable construction software solution.