Basic Things You Need to Know about Your Cat

As far back as we can remember, cats have been popular household pets, giving owners the perfect companion to take care of every single day. However, while they are cute and playful to have around, let’s not forget that they are like human beings that need constant love, care, and attention.

They Don’t Want to Be Disturbed

Cats are known for their habit of sleeping for most of the day and like human beings, they do not wish to be disturbed. They are crepuscular creatures, meaning they are more active during the twilight hours. Kittens are also more active during the night.

There Are Parts of Their Bodies That They Don’t Want Touched

Like human beings, these furry creatures have spots that they do not wish to be touched. It’s best that you shouldn’t touch them in these areas (e.g. their tummies, behind their eyes, tails, etc) for they’ll surely take a swipe at you; you might even get bitten.

Cats Are Moody

Like women during their monthly period, a cat’s mood is mercurial. So don’t push them away like your dirty laundry if they want you to pet them. That’s just how they really are.

They Love to Scratch Things

Our lovable feline friends love to scratch their claws on almost anything—from furniture to even your favorite pair of jeans. Cats usually do this because it’s their way of keeping their claws sharpened (it’s also a way of exercise for them). As much as we don’t wish to get our household items torn or damaged, cats need to do this to keep their claws in good condition. Having scratch posts would minimize this problem.

With all these things mentioned, we hope this will help you get to know more about your pet cats and how to take care of them.

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