A Beginner’s Guide – Everything You Need to Know about Servers

Whether you are a student, a professional, or a business owner, it is very important that you know at least the most basic stuff about computers, servers, and computer technology. Since we are now living in the technological age, having knowledge of how computers work is mandatory especially that we are greatly relying on them to finish our tasks fast and efficient. Today, we’ll be sharing to you everything you need to know about servers:

Definition of Server


In a general sense, a server and its clients or users form a server-client network that provides centralized access and routing system to the client’s resources, information, and stored data.

A server can also be considered as a hi-tech solution offering to do various tasks such as serving files, fax resources, data, etc. For clients or businesses that are using high-end servers, they have the capacity to handle multiple computers while limiting or allowing other users access to shared resources. There are basically plenty of types of servers, and we’ll be discussing some of them today including their distinct characteristics.

The Many Types of Servers

Server Platform

Considered as the fundamental core of a system, the server platform acts as an engine that controls the server. Most of the time, the server platform is used synonymously with the operating system.

Chat Server

Chat server enables the users to exchange or share data similarly to Internet newsgroups providing real-time discussion abilities.

Audio/Video Server

The audio or video server provides multimedia functions on websites by enabling the clients/users to broadcast audio or video content.

Application Server

Also classified as middleware, the application server is typically used to connect the computing regions between the database servers and the end users.

Web Server


A web server gives a web browser static content through loading a file from a disk and then transferring it from the network to the web browser of the user. This exchange is intermediated by the server and the browser; they use HTTP to communicate.

Mail Server

A mail server works in two ways; it stores messages of corporate networks and transfers them through WANs and LANs by using the Internet.

List Server

A list server helps the user to have a better process in managing mailing lists of a network. This type of server can be used as a one-way list that delivers newsletters and announcements or as an open platform for discussion.

Groupware Server

This server is designed to allow users to work together in real-time in a virtual manner through the use of corporate intranet or the Internet.

IRC Server

An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server is the best alternative for those users who are looking for a server with real-time discussion capacity. This server is made up of several different network servers that allow users to connect and share data with each other using an IRC network.

Apart from these mentioned types of servers, Name server, Gopher server, and open source servers are among the most popular and most used.

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