Bobcat Skid Steer Dealers: Buyer’s Guide to Skid Steers

Finding the right kind of equipment that will match your business needs is important. It can be the difference between a highly efficient and productive fleet and an equipment storage facility that’s full and never empty.

Why is this important?

Having a fleet storage facility that is always full means your equipment is not being used in jobsites or on projects. Expensive equipment that is not well-suited to your business needs will just rot away somewhere until you decide to sell it for depreciated value.

So what can be done to avoid this?

The key to investing in heavy duty equipment like a Bobcat skid steer is matching its capabilities and main specifications to your needs. You will want to make the most of your investment, meaning it has to be efficient and productive to ensure your ROI or return on investment.

This is not to say that a Bobcat skid steer is a risky investment. On the contrary, skid steers are among the most useful equipment in most jobsites and construction projects, even in DIY home improvement jobs that require a strong and versatile machine like the Bobcat.

So, which aspects do buyers have to consider when purchasing a Bobcat skid steer?

Key Factors to Consider before Visiting Local Bobcat Skid Steer Dealers

Before you start calling or visiting your local Bobcat skid steer dealers, you must first figure out what is the right equipment for your business. This means looking into certain specifications, capacities, and features.

The overall size and capacity of the skid steer.

This is one of the most common, and perhaps obvious, considerations that most buyers look at, besides the price tag, of course. You have to understand though that if you want efficiency and quality from such equipment, price has to take a backseat over frame and equipment size. You can’t let price dictate the kind of equipment you will buy.

Available frame sizes vary from small to medium to large. The size of the equipment is closely related to the types of jobs it is able to perform. So with this factor, you have to determine the intended application for the equipment before you can accurately choose the right frame size of skid steer to purchase and ensure efficiency.

The horsepower and torque the equipment can generate.

Horsepower and torque are the other deciding factors that you must establish before you can accurately choose the right skid steer for the job. This means figuring out how much power you really need to accomplish certain tasks.

But there’s a catch.

In most heavy duty equipment, horsepower is the most common factor that people look at when trying to choose the best equipment for the jobsite. However, when it comes to skid steers, torque is more vital than horsepower. The torque of a skid steer, or any other motor vehicle or equipment for that matter, determines how hard the engine can turn the crank.

So why is torque important in determining power?

Torque is crucial because it is actually what does all the work when it comes to skid steers. When you’re moving materials or dirt using the skid steer, the job is often done with relatively low engine speeds or revs, it’s the torque that actually generates most of the power. This is why torque is the main specification that you should be looking at when choosing a skid steer, instead of horsepower.

The hydraulic and attachment package of the skid steer.

This is where things can get pretty specific. Obviously, you want an attachment package for the skid steer that suits perfectly with the type of job you expect to accomplish using the equipment. Keep in mind that besides frame size and engine horsepower, Bobcat skid steers also come in a variety of configurations specific to particular tasks.

To make the most of the attachments, whatever they are, the hydraulic power included in the package should match the capabilities of the attachment as well. Manufacturers carefully match the hydraulics capacity with the type of attachment and overall package for the equipment. So there’s nothing you should be worried about in that regard.

What you need to carefully consider is the attachment package; make sure that it is perfectly suited to the application you intended for it, if you want to make the most out of your investment.

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