A Complete Checklist for Finding an Apartment for Rent in CDO City

If you’re planning to rent an apartment in the city, you should make sure that you find a place that offers suitable living conditions. An apartment that satisfies your daily living needs, whether it pertains to safety and security, convenience, or proximity and accessibility to your daily destinations like work and school for the kids. When searching for an apartment for rent in CDO city, it is important to have a checklist that includes the basic requirements, as well as your preferences that will allow you to properly assess the dwelling and determine whether or not it’s the appropriate choice for you and your family.

The basic requirements that should be included in the checklist are pretty much the same for everyone, while preferences may vary from person-to-person. This list should only serve as a guide to help you create your own list of determining factors before you decide which apartment in the city is best suited to your situation.

Basic Checklist When Hunting for an Apartment for Rent in CDO City

1. Structural Integrity of the Building

This item falls under the safety category. Anyone who is planning on moving into a new apartment should always consider the structural integrity of the apartment building or the complex the unit is in. Although earthquakes don’t occur that often in Cagayan de Oro, it’s not the only detrimental factor that can cause the collapse or deterioration of any structure. Termites, for instance, can seriously compromise the integrity of any wooden structure. So, if you’re moving into an apartment that has some wooden elements incorporated into the structure, be sure to check for signs of termite infestation.

Electrical wiring is also a significant aspect when it comes to assessing the integrity of the apartment unit and the building in general. Poorly done electrical wiring can be dangerous to the occupants as it can cause fires and other serious accidents, especially when the rainy season arrives.

2. Lights, Faucets, Toilets, and Other Fixtures in the Apartment

When assessing an apartment unit, you should remember to check the lights in every room. Turn on every faucet and shower you can find to see if they are working properly, and check the water pressure by turning on multiple faucets and the shower at the same time. More often than not, prospective renters typically forget to check the water flow situation in their new apartment. As a result, they find out too late that the area where the apartment is located does not actually have adequate water flow early in the morning (the time when everyone in the neighborhood consumes the most water to prepare for work or school) and in the evening (when everyone is preparing dinner and washing dishes).

3. Security Measures Employed in the Community

Security should always be an important issue no matter where you live. And if you’re going to live in an apartment, make sure that the complex is secured well enough to keep vandals and delinquents out. Whether its security cameras installed in all common areas or a guard posted at the entrance of the building, seeing these security measures in an apartment community should tell you a lot about how the property managers value the safety and security of their tenants.

Preferential Checklist When Hunting for an Apartment

1. Location and Proximity to Frequent Destinations

For most people, location is important when searching for a suitable apartment. Some prefer apartments outside the city, while others would rather rent an apartment that’s located near their place of work or close to the children’s school. Whatever your preferences are when it comes to location, you should also consider the condition of the neighborhood not just in terms of security, but whether or not the area is prone power to outages, water shortage, or even flooding as well. In other words, you should avoid apartments in low lying areas or those near rivers or any body of water that could suddenly rise without warning when it’s raining heavily.

2. Parking Situation

If you don’t own a car, then this shouldn’t be a factor for you. But, if you do, then you need to make sure that the apartment complex has adequate parking facilities for tenants with vehicles. Make sure that the parking space is safe and secure, preferably well lit with surveillance cameras covering the whole area.

3. Policies Regarding Pets and Guests

If you own a pet, then this should be a concern for you. Some apartment managers don’t allow pets in the complex, or if they do allow it, there are most likely rules that you need to comply with. That’s why you need to include this item in your checklist when hunting for an apartment. As far as guests are concerned, you may also want to figure out what the community’s rules are with regards to having guests late at night or organizing parties in one of the communal facilities of the apartment complex.

It’s true that finding the perfect apartment is never easy. There are so many aspects that you need to consider and carefully assess before you can decide on the best choice for you. But, getting your priorities right and knowing what is ultimately important can make a huge difference in choosing the most appropriate dwelling that can satisfy your needs.

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