Interior Design Terms You Need to Know

Every person who focuses on interior design as their main career needs to know some very important terms. We’ll never know—these terms might prove useful when we deal with different clients who are seeking for your professional interior design services.

Below are some interior design terms that you need to be familiar with:


These are types of furniture made of durable materials like metal, wood, plastic, or glass. They are pretty easy to remember due as this is a furniture category with these as the common examples: cabinets, tabletops, bookshelves, chests.


This is a decorative technique that is applied on a surface, making it look like another material like granite, marble, or wood.


This is a movable large closet obviously for storing your clothes. They are also use to hide large radio and television sets back in the old days. They are also used to hide audio/video equipment and computer sets.

Halogen Lighting

This is a type of light with a tungsten filament which is sealed in a compact, clear vessel filled with minute amounts of bromine or iodine (common chemicals used to produce chemical reactions in producing light).  They are often used in for lighting display cabinets.


This is a particular color scheme that is only focused on one hue with several shades and tints under it.

Platform Bed

This self-contained low bed frame sports webbing or slats intended for suspension, which eliminates the need for a box spring.


It is a long storage chest used for storage and serving food in a formal dining room setting.


It’s a type of technique in which the materials has been discolored intentionally to create an “old-age” effect on furniture and other household decor.

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