How to Organize a Slumber Party in Your Apartment

Aside from holding slumber parties and karaoke nights in your simple apartment unit, have you thought about organizing a slumber party with your friends?

The whole thing doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair—you just need to have the right company and a solid plan in mind in order to make the party memorable for everyone. Follow these simple steps if you are clueless on how to organize your own slumber party in your own apartment unit:

Apartment Slumber Party

Invite the Right People

Obviously you can’t just invite anybody. These people should be the ones that you trust and those who have made a difference in your life. Now since you are inviting them over to your slumber party, you need to inform them a few days before the planned date; inviting them over on the planned day is a recipe for disaster as your friends might be busy on that day. Besides, they need ample time to get their stuff packed for the night.

Ask Them What They Want to Do

Just because you are the organizer of the slumber party doesn’t mean that you have to call the shots in every aspect of the event. You have to consider what your guests want as well. Ask them ahead of time what activities do they want to do during the slumber party. Do they want to play board games, card games, or spend the night singing to karaoke tracks? Plan activities that everyone can in the party can enjoy.

Be Mindful of the Neighbors

If you are holding a slumber party anytime soon, remember to control your voices. Though you are there to have fun together, do not forget to respect the other people who are staying in the surrounding apartment units.

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