The Pet List – Types of Pets Requiring Low-Maintenance Care

A lot of people think that owning a pet means having an adorable and furry friend to keep you company, but what they don’t realize is that it entails great responsibility. If you aren’t that ready yet for the big responsibility but you want to experience owning a pet, then consider buying low-maintenance pets for the meantime. Here’s a list of some animals that require only a modicum of maintenance:


Fish are among those animals that require minimal care and that’s the reason why they are popular among people who have less time to take care of their pets. They are also perfect for children who are just starting to learn the importance of having pets. Unlike other common pets, most fish species are not that expensive, so buying two or three won’t definitely hurt your pocket.


Pet Turtle

For people or kids who are looking for an exotic pet that do not need a lot of things, the best animal to buy is a turtle or tortoise. Turtles basically don’t need anything expensive at all. Plus, they can live up to 40 years. However, just make sure not to drop them or it might injure their internal organs or even their shell.


Cats are another type of pets that only need minimal care. You can even leave them alone for several days with only food and water, and they’ll definitely manage on their own. Most domesticated cat species are also not messy, so you won’t have to clean up after them. Apart from requiring less care, cats and are sweet and very cuddly.

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are also part of the list of pets that are very easy to take care of. They are very playful and unlike most rodents, they are active during daytime. They also do not bite and do not require an exercise wheel to keep them fit.

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