Promoting Your Interior Design Services

When you have established your own interior design business, you need to get it heard from the people in your area and even beyond. This is a fairly easy endeavor as with the continuing demand of apartments and condominium units, people require the assistance of professional interior designers to help make their dream rooms come to life.

If you are an interior designer, here are things that you can do to promote your design services.

Ask Around

One of the first things that you can do is doing the direct approach of asking the people in your area if they are in need of redesigning a certain room in the home, apartment, or condominium unit. If they immediately accept your offer of redesigning their room, you can offer them a lower price (an affordable introductory price especially when you are just starting in the business).

Promoting Your Interior Design Services


Classified ads and advertising your services through social networking sites are one of the best ways to get your business and services advertised. Get a catchy tagline for your business and provide sufficient information about yourself.

Be a Sponsor

Aside from advertising, sponsoring for a local event is also one thing to get people’s attention.  Of course, the sponsorship would depend on the event and also the benefits that you get in the end.

Give Out Calling Cards

This is another form of advertising but is more direct. You can give out calling cards to people and tell them that if someone is in need of professional interior design services, they can contact the number that you have provided on the card.


With the right amount of approach, you are sure to become a big name in the interior design industry. It may not happen overnight, but you will get there!

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