Six Basic Reasons That Cause Construction Machinery Breakdown

Breakdowns are a nuisance (to say the least) in construction projects. They don’t just incur owners costly expenses, they also slow down entire projects. But do you know that machinery breakdowns don’t just happen right away? When a piece of equipment stops working properly, that’s mainly because it hasn’t been checked regularly.

In this article, we will share with you some of the most common reasons why construction equipment experience downtime.

Not Reading the Manufacturer’s Manual

Plenty of operators are guilty of this one. When operating the machine, it is really important that the operator read the manual provided by the manufacturer. The manual can teach the operator a lot of things about the machine like its operational parameters and the proper way of using it.

Furthermore, the operator’s manual also describes how to fix problems once they occur so that the operator can easily troubleshoot a problem without having to wait for a mechanic.

No Regular Maintenance and Checkup

Another common reason why construction equipment breaks down is because the machines don’t receive the recommended regular maintenance and checkup. It is particularly important to grease the vehicles’ innards on a timely basis as, in case you don’t know, improper lubrication is one of the many reasons that can cause the machine to easily get broken.

A regular inspection will not just ensure that the equipment is in good working condition and prevent downtime, it can also help guarantee everybody’s safety in the work site. And not just that, a scheduled maintenance can help you save money from expensive major overhauling.

Among the most common maintenance mistakes committed on construction equipment are failing to replace belts, oil chains, inspect gearboxes, and check transmission levels. Apart from a daily walk-around inspection, operators and mechanics should conduct a thorough regular maintenance checkup of the machine.

Overworking the Equipment

When pressed with an upcoming deadline, construction firms usually conduct overtime work just to guarantee that the project they have gets finished on time. While in itself there is no problem about this at all, operators must make sure that the equipment are not overworked. Operating a machine well beyond its limit can cause it to experience accelerated wear and tear and that is why it is vital that all construction machinery used in the operation are given enough time to cool down before they are used again.

Besides not overworking them, construction machines should not be used above their specified limitations.

The limitations set by the manufacturer can typically be found on the operator’s manual.

Not Replacing Worn Parts of the Equipment

As mentioned earlier, one of the common mistakes operators commit when it comes to machine maintenance is by failing to replace worn equipment parts. But you know what’s worse than this? Waiting for worn parts to completely break before replacing them. This makes heavy-duty equipment even more dangerous to use in the workplace since there is a greater tendency that they will malfunction during an operation.

Before it even snaps or breaks, it is always safe to replace a vital component once you’ve noticed that it is showing signs of damage. Don’t wait for accidents before you consider replacing it! To make it easier for you to find the parts right away, it is a good idea to keep records of reliable and trustworthy dealers of machine and construction equipment in the Philippines.

Additional information: According to experts, there are times when operators replace the part that broke but fail to inspect and replace other parts that may have caused that particular part to get broken. Examples of this include replacing the belt when the pulley was actually bad or changing the machine’s drive chain when its sprocket was shot.

Improper Storage of the Machine

Did you know that improper storage of your equipment can also lead it to easily get broken? In our previous articles, we have always emphasized the importance of properly storing the equipment in order for it to last longer, and that is still the same if you want to reduce your machine’s downtime. Exposure to dust, rain, flood water, harsh sunlight, etc. can cause the machine to corrode and easily get broken.

Apart from regularly cleaning the equipment, see to it that you store them properly when they are not used.

One of the easiest ways of reducing machinery downtime is by being a responsible owner or operator. Make sure to take good care of your equipment so that you won’t experience breakdowns from time to time.

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