Top Free Computer Software You Might Find Useful

Have you ever heard the saying “the best things in life are free”? Well, that may be true but consumerism has certainly made it a lot tougher to believe in this day and age. Fortunately though, in the world of computer applications and software, there might be a hint of truth to the adage. There are indeed quite a few computer software programs out there that are not only useful and topnotch, but are available for free as well. Here are some of them.

If you’re looking for free office suite utilities:

  • Apache OpenOffice – This particular productivity suite is free and open source. It is a good alternative to Microsoft Office, even at the professional level. It has the functionality and a lot of the basic features generally found in Microsoft’s productivity software.
  • AbiWord – This is a free word processing tool that is comparable to the much more well known Microsoft Word. It is lightweight and works well for a wide range of word processing tasks.
  • Jarte – Another word processing utility that is based not on the Microsoft Word, but on the word processing engine that’s built into the Windows OS, the Microsoft WordPad. It’s light, portable, and can do so much more than the WordPad in terms of features.

If you’re looking for free system optimization and diagnostic tools:

  • CCleaner – This is a system optimization utility, as well as a privacy tool that enables the user to remove unused files safely from his system. Because it can free up valuable disk space and optimize the system, Windows can run much faster and more efficiently.
  • Process Explorer – This particular software is an advanced process management tool that works very much like the Task Manager in your Windows PC. The key difference, however, is that it can show more comprehensive information about any given process, from the memory statistics to the security attributes.
  • SmartDefrag – Although your Windows system already has a built-in defragmenting tool, this particular software is actually something more special. SmartDefrag is a lightweight defragmenting tool that features an advanced system checker that continually defrags frequently used files in the background, without slowing down your system resources.

If you’re looking for free virtual server software:

  • OpenVPN – This is a tried and tested open source VPN solution. This software is completely secure and offers almost an infinite number of configurations. It can easily be installed without relying on third party services.
  • VMware Server – This is a free, user-friendly server virtualization software. It can be installed on any existing server hardware that runs either on Windows or Linux. VMware can also partition any physical server into multiple virtual machines. By condensing the network, memory, storage, and processing resource, you will have better hardware utilization and flexibility.

LogMeIn Hamachi – This is a hosted VPN service that provides a secure LAN-like network extensions for various teams. Through this particular service, you can create your own virtual private network in mere minutes. With Hamachi, you can securely and easily access your PC at home from your office, or vice versa. A very useful tool, especially if you “live in your computer.”

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