Vacation Recommendations – Spain

Spain is one of southwestern Europe’s progressive countries, blessed with great culture as well as great destinations that locals and foreigners love to visit annually.

For first time travelers, it may be a bit difficult to decide which particular places in Spain to visit and explore. To help with you with this minor problem, we give you some our top vacation recommendations in Spain. We hope you have a great experience as you travel to these exciting places soon!

Toledo Spain


Toledo served as the country’s capital until the 16th century. It was sometimes referred to as the “City of Three Cultures” due to the location’s mixed inhabitants of Christians, Muslims, and Jews. For those who are looking for a vacation destination that boasts a rich culture, historic architecture, and art, then this place should definitely be a top choice. Located on a mountaintop in central Spain, the place has a mosque, a cathedral, and a synagogue.

San Sebastian

For those who are looking for great beaches in Spain, San Sebastian is the place to go! Located in the Basque country of North Spain, it is a beautiful seaside city equally loved by tourists and locals alike. The clear waters and brightly colored sand in its many beaches will make you think that every day is a summer day. If you’re looking for the ultimate summer getaway, you should definitely put this place on your travel bucket list.


If you’re a person who loves the nightlife, then Seville is the place to be! Aside from being praised for its historic and beautiful landmarks, the city is home to vibrant festivals, street parades, and buzzing nightlife. If you love cities that showcase a fusion the past and present, you should make sure this place is on your must-visit list!

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